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Written to change the game and lead the market. Zomorod (which means emerald) is an accounting software in Dubai, U.A.E that helps you easily record; organize, integrate and automate all your business finances in one rich platform. Save time, money and effort. Make better decisions. Have more control on your processes locally and globally. Receive better services from your financial advisors because of the accurate, detailed reports and data Zomorod provides and much more. Regardless of the size of your business, Zomorod can provide valuable services and simplifications that you and your accountants will love!


Zomorod Accounting Packages

Dedicated Packages

Organize And Automate Your Accounts And Operations

Zomorod covers most businesses and has a dedicated package for each one. It is provided in Levels from basic to advanced. Select the one that best suit your business and get started today.


Hardware and Software

When we are talking about business accounting and finance management; regardless of doing business in Dubai UAE, or any other country_ being able to record and manage all events and transactions is vital. This means your accounting software should be able to connect to your label printers, barcode scanners, digital weighing balancing machine, cashier, POS, your reception systems, your online store etc. and automatically records all transactions so you can calculate and and manage your accounting, finances, and staff performance accurately and professionally.

Zomorod uses advanced technology to be able to connect to all your hardware and software (locally and globally) and provides you with deep and detailed analytics to increase your business efficiency.

Add And Assign Vehicles And Drivers

Add and manage all your business vehicles and drivers and effectively monitor their performance using Zomorod. Assign a single or several vehicles to one or more warehouse or branches and get various reports with a few simple clicks!

Motor Bikes
Add and assign one or several motor bikes
Shipping Categories
You can create shipping categories e.g. “sea shipping”, “air shipping”, “land shipping” and include and track all your transportation vehicles, including drones
Cars, vans & trucks
Easily add different cars; vans and trucks to any location or region
Tracking And Management
Once you assigned a driver to a specific location or inventory, you can track their performance in various ways and receive automatic professional reports to make better informed decisions.
Manage Several Businesses

Multi-Company And Multi-Branch Management Accounting software

Zomorod can help you organize and centralize all your sub-companies, warehouses and locations locally and globally in one powerful platform

Link & sync
All Your Locations
Weather you have several locations and inventories in one emirate or the entire gulf countries, you can define all your locations and monitor them all from one central place.
Role Management
Manage Roles Accessibilty
You can define, allow, limit or totally block and remove people to certain or all parts of the software. Per user, per country, per location and per device/vehicle.
Reports and analyitics
Advanced Reports And Analytics
You can have deeply detailed reports from Zomorod. Overall location/country reports. Per inventory, per brand, per product category, per profitability, per sales, per supplier, per sales rep, per branch, per city, per customer, per time period, and more.

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Zomorod Exclusive

Accounting Software Customization

We understand each business is unique and one solution; no matter how rich and vast, can’t exactly address everyone’s needs.  For that, Zomorod provides Accounting Software Customization. Through this service, your software will be fully localized and customized for your business very specific needs. Names, labels, logo, invoices, devices, website, vehicles, drivers, branches, access levels, certain functionalities and any other feature or functionality you love to have in your software.

Mobile Application

Android App

Using Zomorod Android App you will have an Uber-like navigation system that helps your transportation staff to move smarter in the territory, increase delivery efficiency and do more with less activity.

They will be able to:

  1. Pin new locations on the map and add the new client information and orders. So delivery staff can find the client through the map. Weather you are a new business in Dubai or your delivery staff is a new immigrant, you will have no worries about delivery efficiency anymore!
  2. Sales reps, drivers and supervisors can message each other and or edit information instantly. Zomorod Android App also has the ability to work offline so in case of internet disconnection, it still provide the needed functionality. It records all the information and will sync it once it is connected to the internet again.
  3. All the other accounting operations are done automatically: invoice issuance, warehouse/inventory deduction, notifications, reports etc. will be all done automatically.

Future Updates

Email notifications
IOS app
Zomorod extention for more websites and online stores
Telegram and Instagram shops integration
Particle element
Particle element

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