Zomorod Services

Supporting Zomorod users is our top most important after-sales priorities. We provide the following services free of charge for the first year of your purchase.


Installation, Training And Onboarding

When the staff know how to use the software; where to go for different options and how to receive the different reports and results written on Zomorod pages, the whole business will run smoothly. We understand that and we care for it.

For this, we have created free training and onboarding procedures with the software for free. We will continue training and support as long as your employees feel comfortable using Zomorod.

One of the valuable differences between Zomorod and other accounting software providers, is that we don’t always refer you to watch tutorial videos or websinars and articles, we teach you LIVE on your own computers and answer your very specific question.


Technical Support

No matter the issue, just provide us your Anydesk access and we will solve it at the shortest time. This means you are covered in all your network weather locally or globally !