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Fastfood and Restaurant Accounting Software

Fastfood and Restaurant Accounting software
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Fastfood, Restaurant And Cafe Accounting And Management Software

One click Only

One-Click-Only Order Process

Helps you enter orders using one click only. This allows busy fastfoods, restaurants and cafe serve clients faster and more efficiently as the system shows all the information and you already have everything set up, simply see what they want, and enter the order with a single click without using the keyboard.


Categorize Your Menue

This feature helps you categorize and group your menus for better reports. Drinks, salads, cakes etc. so you can better monitor your sales per each category e.g. how many drinks did you sell this day, week or month.

Price List

Add All Your Prices

Add all your prices and products (foods, cakes, beverage etc.) and have hem up and ready with each call received. You’ll see as a window with quickly selectable options to record orders.

Group Customers

Categorize Your Customers

You can categorize and divide your customers in the software e.g. individuals, companies etc. and receive better reports when assessing your sales performance.

Customer Profile

Automatically Identify And Serve Clients

Once you add a customer’s information; Zomorod will automatically create a profile and a Client Code for them. This means next time when the client calls, their subscription code, name, contact number and address etc. is automatically available to your reception.

Add Tables

Add And Manage Table Reservation Easily And Error Free

You can add your tables into Zomorod and manage your reservation easier and more accurate. For those restaurants, hotels or café shops who reserve tables in advance, it can help with having the client go on the wrong table and as a result, avoiding errors.


Print Receipts Both For Reception And The Kitchen

To be quicker and more efficient, Zomorod prints the receipts both for the reception and the kitchen at the same time.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services And Service Fee

Helps you add your value added prices for tax purposes and or service fees

Track Delivery

Add, Track And Manage Your Delivery Process

For those fast foods, restaurants and cafe shops with delivery services, Zomorod helps with adding all your delivery employees and track their performance. Reports include packages delivered, time spent, revenue made, taxes and more.

Order Status

Specify The Order Status

This feature helps you specify the order status in the invoice given to the kitchen. This includes the order type e.g. pack for delivery, have it in the salon, and or pack to give it to the client themselves. This helps reduce the calls and traffic between reception, service staff and the kitchen.

Revenues And Payments

Track Expenses And Income

Once you have added your products, prices, and started using Zomorod, it automatically does all the accounting tasks for you: this includes various reports; tax, financial and performance assessments and as a result_ you will get a clear view of your finances and operations quality. Fund(s), bank(s) and cheques are all covered.

Payments And Salaries

Record Expenses, Salaries And Commissions

This is not a payroll system but a feature to record your expenses e.g. rents, charges, water/gas/electricity bills, telephone, salaries and commissions paid to employees. You can have different reports per each or several roles and or for a certain point in time.

Fund Flow

Track Money Entered To Or Exited From Your Fund

The fund flow records the movement of cash in and out of your business. Using this feature you can track your fund and bank(s) and manage them.


Record, Track And Manage Your Cheques

Zomorod Cheque Procedure is unique. It helps you record, track and manage all your cheques until they are paid or cleared. Reports, due-date alerts, cheques received/issued lists etc. all covered.

Sales Reports

Comprehensive Sales Performance Reports

A clear view of your sales performance in certain point of time or all the times. filters include various options e.g. per lines served, delivery, areas, client types, weather most orders received were from the website, phone calls or foot traffic and so many other options.

Customer Reports

Client Bills And Reports

In order to make real-data-based marketing decisions, you need professional client reports that provides you information in regards to orders made by each customer or customer group, areas with most orders and the type of their order, amount of orders, payment type, inquiries and other details. This unique feature automatically provides all this information to you.

All Packages Include

FREE Training And Onboarding
One Year Free Support
One-Time Fee ! (no monthly/annually fees)

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