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Zomorod Retail Chain Store Accounting Software

Zomorod Store Accounting Software
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Small Business Accounting Software Level 3

This is the most inclusive version of Zomorod where all features are unlimited
Dynamic Multi-Pricing

Set Different Prices For The Same Product

Allows your Users or Sales Reps to set different prices for the same product to use for different clients/sales opportunities.

Unlimited Warehouses!

Create Unlimited Warehouses In Different locations

with Zomorod Level3, medium or big retail stores can add as much warehouses as they wish; locally and in the region, add and assign different employees and vehicles to each or several warehouses, connect all their hardware and software the use for accounting purposes, and have all the reports and procedures organized, automated and monitored from one central powerful accounting software.

Bulk Discount Codes

Create Different Discount Codes

Create different discount codes for each or several or all your products, product groups or per your new stores in new locations. You can manage your discount codes by percentage, by amount or by product category.

Silent Clients Report

Identify Clients With No Invoice

Using this feature; you can identify clients that used to buy from you but now, they are not. Zomorod can help you identify this clients, show you their purchase history including exact amount and items bought by them and also the time-period they were doing business with you. So you can take action and re-activate silent clients. This can be done in several locations/markets and oh, with just a simple few clicks.

Expiration Date Reports

Product Expiration Date Report

Quickly and accurately identify products with close expiration date by warehouse or location. This helps you have better control over your sales management, accordingly manage with discount codes or ordering same merchandise again etc. and take action as your business policy in general.

*Future update: you can set an alarm for Zomorod to notify you few weeks or months in advance.

Invoice Due-Date Alerts

Set A Date For Payable Invoices

When you issue a Non-cash Sales Invoice, Zomorod asks you for the payment date as well. Then, it shows you notification on the specified date e.g. you have X payable invoices today.

Account Reports

All Accounting Types Of Reports

You can have Total, Detailed and Document-level reports in various ways, with different factors and from a single central powerful accounting software.

Branch Management

Multiple Branches Accounting Software

This is one of the boldest features and benefits of Zomorod. You can add and connect as much branches as you want, create and assign different users/officers/directors, manage and monitor their access/behavior and remotely watch everything happening in the business. Users only has access to what their account role setting allows for, and the manager of the business has vast options to access all parts of each and all branches.

Combined Discount

Automatic Discount Calculations For Several Product Groups

There are invoices that include different Product Groups with different Discount amount and percentages. Manually calculating and deducting all those deductions for each item in each product group/category can be a time consuming and even challenging task. Zomorod assist you by automatically counting all the discount roles per each item and product group and make a total deduction and delivers you the final total payable amount at the end of the invoice.

Multiple Companies

Unified Accounting system For Holding Companies

If you are a holding company and have several subsidiary companies with different branches in different locations/countries, Zomorod can provide you valuable services not much companies can provide in the middle-east. With this Multi-Company Accounting feature, you can add each company to your Zomorod, add users, roles, vehicles and complete their setup which includes linking all of your ecosystem to the central Zomorod in your headquarters office. You can easily switch between companies, access reports and other details in seconds. All databases are cloned almost instantly in your central Zomorod and the experience looks and feels as close as being there in-person.

Document Search

Find Any Document Anywhere In Seconds

This feature helps you search documents by specific time-period and or by specific amount in a specific branch, company or location.

Branch Management

Multiple Branches Accounting Software

This is one of the boldest features and benefits of Zomorod. You can add and connect as much branches as you want, create and assign different users/officers/directors, manage and monitor their access/behavior and remotely watch everything happening in the business. Users only have access to what their account role setting allows for, and the manager of the business has vast options to access all parts of each and all branches.

Sales Reports And Analytics

Get Different Sales Reports And Analytics For Each And All Branches And Companies

All Zomorod features can be used for each and all of your branches and sub companies. You simply add each branch or sub company as a user, connect that user to your central Zomorod, and have various reports at hand. For example: all sales made, employee who issued the invoice, location/country where invoice was issued, warehouse brands and product groups, sales return, purchase return, discounted or cash sales and so many more.

Report Filters

Filters For Custom Accounting Reports

You can get custom reports using Zomorod filters. List reports per user e.g. how many invoices and sales have been made by this specific employee, branch, sub company, location etc. . You can have Total, Detailed and document-level reports in different file formats for print and as a file to email or share to other devices.

Purchase Reports

Get Various Purchase Reports

Same as Sales Reports, you can have various Purchase Reports using this feature. You can have Total, Detailed and document-level reports, use filters e.g. per time-period, per amount, person who made the purchase, location where purchase was made and many more helpful details.

Purchase Return Report

Custom Purchase Return Reports

A purchase return occurs when your company return products to the supplier. Using this package of Zomorod (Level 3) you will have access to see a list of all purchases returned from your own central office to each and every branch or sub company, altogether at one total list or separately and per branch/company or other details you may want.

Sales Return Reports

Custom Sales Return Reports

A sale return occurs when client returns the products to the company. Same as Purchase Return, you can have various types of reports for your own office, and each and all branches and sub companies.

Purchase List Report

Custom And Total Purchase List Reports

Provides you with purchase lists on a office-level or branch/sub-company level. In addition to having access and ability to all accounting actions, you can have custom List Reports per each branch or subsidiary or a total list for all of them.

Revenue/income Report List

Custom Revenue And Income Report List

This feature helps large retail stores with different warehouses in different locations/emirates/countries to have a custom Revenue List Report for each center (branch/subsidiary) or a total report list for all of them at once.

Expenses List Report

Custom Expense List Reports

For more accounting accuracy and loss prevention, Zomorod helps you with reports about different expenses made in each and or all your branches/subsidiaries. You can have a Total Expense list, Custom Expense List or more specific reports based on your needs.

Money Transfer List Report

Get Custom Money Transfer List Report

This feature helps you have accurate reports in regards to the money moved from and to your businesses in different locations/countries. It shows you custom reports e.g. person who recorded the document, sender, receiver, time, branch/subsidiary code, time-period, the hour the transfer was made and so many other filters you can use. Also it gives you the ability to have total reports: one whole report telling you all your inbound and outbound payments in a list format.

Warehouse Item Transfer Reports

Custom Or Total Warehouse Item Transfer Report List

Same as other Zomorod features, you can have custom reports about the items moved between warehouses in specific location/branch/subsidiary or a Total Report showing all the details to you at once and in a list format. Information include: the quantity moved, the warehouse/inventory code, their invoices/receipts, returns and refunds, the time-period the transfer was made, the exact mover and receiver information of the shipment, the exact brand or product group/category transferred and so many other details.

Multi-Currency And Exchange

Have Your Reports In Different currencies Or See It In Your Own Desired Currency

This advanced feature of Zomorod helps you with money and currency management. Zomorod enables you to have a Default Currency per each country/branch/subsidiary and receive all your reports in the target currency or in your own currency. Once you add a default currency for your central office which manages all subsidiaries, it will do all the conversions and shows it to you in the default currency. For Example: it shows you the total amount of Kuwait (which is in KWD), UAE(which is in Derhams) Oman (which is in Oman Rial) etc. in $USD or whatever currency you set for Zomorod.

Daybook Reports

Custom Daybook And Trial Balance Sheet Reports

Using this feature of Zomorod you can access different day-to-day books reports for each or all of your branches and subsidiaries e.g. their daybook, their journals, balance sheets and more.

All Packages Include

Free Training And Onboarding
One-Time Fee ! (no monthly/annually fees)
One Year Free Support

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