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Wholesale Distribution Accounting Software Level 1

Wholesale Distribution Acounting Software
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Zomorod Wholesale And Distribution Accounting Software Level 1

Android App

Connect Any Number Of Sales Reps To Each Or Several Sales Territory

With Zomorod Android App, you can add and assign any number of sales reps to each or several sales territories. The App will help you increase your field activity to be smoother, smarter and have full control over your sales: take orders, see sales rep live location on the map, pin current and or new customers and see the actual orders taken by your sales reps. One of the boldest features and values Zomorod Android App provide is automating several procedures on your behalf; like check for available discount codes for each product/product category, issue invoice, warehouse item deductions, send the new order details for delivery staff including exact address, invoice, client information and many more details. It’s like having a professional new staff doing all this tasks for free!

Shipping Slips

Daily Shipping Lists

provides you a list of items to ship to clients each day. Zomorod shipping slips, like all of its features use filters for more convenience e.g. you can have your slips per area, per route, per each client group, per country etc. also you will be able to get slips based on paid/unpaid invoices. This will help you save time dividing slips and shipments manually and in result, increase efficiency and accuracy.

Sales Charts

Sales Rep Performance Charts

Sales Rep Performance Charts helps you with identifying revenue and income opportunities per each area or product group. It shows you most popular products per each sales territory, sales commissions paid for each sales rep in each sales territory and many more details.

Payroll And Salaries

Record Salaries And Payments

This is not a payroll system but a feature for payments recording and reporting purposes. You can see all salaries and commissions paid in a certain point in time, in a certain area or a certain geographic location.

Invoice Reports

Custom Invoice Reports

Using this feature, you can see custom reports for paid and unpaid reports per client, geographic location, certain customer groups or in a certain point of time. You can have a Total report or Specific report in a certain amount or currency.

Invoice And Slips

Custom Invoices And Slips For Each Or Several Routes

helps you keep your shipping and delivery in perfect order. Using this feature, your staff can get separated slips and invoices per each route or area. Separate invoices per each area, separate shipping slips per each area or customer group, separate unpaid invoices per area or specific street or a specific/certain client, and or a separate Debtors List to hand over to your collection team or agency. This helps you save time from manually printing all the information (which can be hundreds of papers), read and separate them manually. Zomorod provides it with just a few clicks to help you perform faster and more efficiently.

Sales And Collection Report

Evaluate your Sales Rep's Performance

This feature helps you see dedicated sales reports per each or several sales reps. It tells you how many customers did they bring in, how many of them paid in cash, and how many of them haven’t yet. Reports include order details, amount and other details. It allows you to go deeper using it’s advanced, Zomorod-exclusive filters.

Sales Commission

Sales Commission Management

You can enter your sales commissions in 3 different ways. Percentage of each product sold, Percentage from total sales made, Percentage of the money received by the company. Once you add a sales rep to the system, it will ask you about their payment method, then calculations will be done according to this values.

Sales Rep Monitoring

Monitor Sales Rep's Activity

Engagement is key in sales activities and business owners can’t follow all their salespeople in person in the field. This feature helps you monitor your salespeople by showing you their live location (area and street), last seen location (when did they finished working) and how many customers or orders did they take. All done easily from within Zomorod. It also records all the data and lets you evaluate performance in certain point of time as well.

Discount Type

Discounts In Percentage Or In Amount

In order to have the best sales performance, companies use different methods for their marketing. As for Discount Codes, Zomorod allows you to set them in percentage or in amount. In other words, you provide 20% discount on a specific product group and $20 for another product group. Zomorod applies your rules to your invoices accordingly.

Client Credit Score

Set A Credit Limit To Each Client

You can specify a credit amount for those clients not buying in cash. Credit Scores has different filters you can use for product categories, customer groups, and certain locations so you can manage as needed.


Set A Due-date For Your Sales

Wholesale distribution accounting can be challenging when it’s time to see how much sales they had in a certain area and how much money; buyers should pay back, and when. With this feature of Zomorod, you can set a due-date for all your unpaid invoices and automatically see them up in each date.

All Packages Include

Free Training And Onboarding
One Year Free Support
10% For Your Next Purchases

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