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Wholesale Distribution Accounting Software Level 2

Wholesale Distribution Acounting Software
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Zomorod Wholesale Distribution Accouting Software Level 2

Discount Plans

Create Difault Discount Plans

This feature helps you create default discount plans for orders with certain quantity or price. A discount plan is the offering where you give X% for buying 10 boxes of items (percentage discounts) or deduct an amount of money from client’s invoice (amount discount). You can set this as default for your chosen product category to be automatically considered in invoices.


Enter Several Prices for The Same Product

It has become a business practice to be flexible in pricing products. Business owners offer discount to their clients, and announce lower/more flexible prices for others like partners, resellers, affiliates, wholesalers etc. This feature helps you set different prices for the same product so when there is an opportunity, you quickly and effectively win the deal.

Aggressive Commissions

Automatically Increase Sales Commissions With Sales Growth

Increasing the commission is one of the most practiced policy for motivating salespeople. This feature of Zomorod helps you enter your payment terms/rules into Zomorod so when they hit a new target, the agreed upon commission is automatically calculated and added to their income. Same as all other Zomorod features, you can use different filters here as well.

Channel Distribution

Fast Expiring Products Distribution

There are products which expire as soon as 1-2 days; like yogurt which should be delivered the same day. For this type of products it’s a common practice to add your distribution van as a warehouse and treat it like an independent one. Zomorod has this feature for hot distribution and cold distribution. [To be revised again for translation accuracy].

Driver Commission

Monitor Driver Performance And Sales

This feature of Zomorod is for those companies which their drivers take part in sales as well. Using this feature, you can monitor their performance, sales, distribution etc. to calculate their commissions and salary.

Silent Clients

Identify And Re-activate Silent Clients

There are clients who has been buying from you but now, they are not. Using this feature of Zomorod, you can identify them by area; location, invoices and their business details in general and reactivate them.

Product Revenue Reports

See Your Most Profitable Products

Using this feature you can see products with most profit. The feature has filters for sorting the reports according to lowest to highest profit, lowest to highest sales, lowest to most bought.

Expire Date Reports

Quickly Find Products With Close Expire Date

This feature helps you manage your products based on their expiration date. You can see different reports by price, by quantity, and by brand or product group.

Bulk Giveaways And Offers

Set Bulk Offers And Giveaways

Enables you to set offers and giveaways for certain quantity orders.

Proforma Invoice Reports

See And Print Upaid Proforma Invoices

See and manage all your proforma invoices using advanced filters like sorting, name search (even first letter of their name), per sales rep, per date, per certain point in time, per certain group of clients and most to least amount (decedent and ascendant)

Paid And Unpaid Invoices

Custom And Total Invoice Status Reports

One of the concerns most wholesalers and distribution businesses have, is the invoice status. How many of the invoices has been paid, unpaid or just had an upfront payment. This feature helps you find out about all your invoices status with its advanced filters to see invoice status in each or several locations and per each or several roles e.g. clients, sales reps etc.

Warehouse Transit

Easily Move Products Between Warehouses

This feature lets you move products between warehouses inside a certain building, between several warehouses and inventories inside a city/emirate or between several countries. You can do that using a single, accurate accounting document with Zomorod which includes: sender and receiver name, product(s) description, item number, product price and measuring unit (in boxes; in items, or a mix of both) and so many more.

Client Performance

Client Performance Reports

This feature gives you a list of all client’s order history with your business. You can see reports in custom or total about cheques received, cash orders, orders amount, return on purchases and so on for each or several client or client group.

Payment Reports

Commissions and Salaries Reports

A comprehensive report to see how much commissions and salaries have you paid to your sales network and how much you owe or they owe you.

Due-date Alerts

Receive Automatic Notifications For Your Invoices

This feature notifies you about your own purchases and the date you must make a payment to your supplier.

Add Payment Parties

Add And Setup Payment Parties

Using this feature, you can add your authorized payment parties to better manage your inbound and outbound payments.

Add New Accounts

Add Your Total And Other Accounting Accounts

Assets. Liabilities. Expenses. Income (Revenue). Equity. Total and other accounts.

Closing Entries

Closing Entries

Helps your accounting department to close entries and move accounts to next fiscal year.

Quantity Discounts

Setup Quantity Discounts Per Invoice

Helps you add quantity discount level for each invoice so when a certain quantity is reached, Zomorod automatically calculates your specified discount on the final invoice amount.


Comprehensive User Performance Reports

This feature provides you reports about your entire sales department so you can monitor and manage accordingly.

Invoice Locking

Lock And Unlock Invoices

Often times you need to monitor, track or evaluate a certain series of invoices in a certain point of time or for a certain type of account or role, and you need to keep it untouched so you can make a conclusion about them. This feature helps you to lock some or all of them until the job is done. Nobody will be able to edit them until invoices are unlocked by you or your authorized employee.

All Packages Include

FREE Training And Onboarding
One Year FREE Support
One-Time Fee (No monthly/annually payments)
10% Discount For Your Next Purchase

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